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 Kittens will not be homed before they are 9 weeks old. All kittens will have started their vaccinations and if the course is not complete, will need to come back to our vets for the 2nd injections. All kittens will be vaccinated and micro chipped and neutering will be arranged via our vets when the kittens are 3-4 months of age.

Page last updated October 16th 2018

Perry & Breda - Available in a few weeks

Chas & Pippin - available in a few weeks

Bellini & Gimlet - 3 Months old

These sisters maybe scruffy little beggers but they have the sweetest and most adorable personalities. They came into Leeds Cat Rescue care as a litter of failing kittens from a very young mum who disappeared so they were hand reared from a few weeks of age. These girls would be a wonderful addition to any home and are sure to blossom into beauties with the personalities to match.

Allie - 16 weeks old

A beautiful young cat with a lovely personality and lots of energy. Alli came into Leeds Cat Rescue from a concerned member of the public who saw her on a 'Free to a good home' on Gumtree  which is a horrific medium for any kitten to be on putting them at huge risks of abuse. Alli can be homed as a single kitten into a hime with plenty of fuss and attention or would also integrate into a home with resident cats.


Boq & Glinda - RESERVED

Lunar - 5 Months old

This beautiful young lady came into Leeds Cat Rescue when her owners landlord found out about her as he hadn't got permission to have her. This sadly is all to common and is making so many cats and kittens  homeless. Lunar is a very energetic kitten who is into everything and needs lots of play time and stimulation. She would be best suited to a busy family home with lots going on to keep her entertained. She can get carried away with play and be a bit rough so kids over 8 years would be ideal

Norman & Caleb - 14 Weeks old

These cheeky brothers came into Leeds Cat Rescue care as an unwanted litter. Sadly they were born behind kitchen units and so were not handled as much as we'd have liked when very young so are a bit suspicious of strangers but are soon won over with a few treats and lots of play time. They are curious, playful and very affectionate and can be homed in pairs in any combination. Norman is a very forward and bold character with Caleb being more reserved but they're wonderful little cats that will bring a huge amount of joy to any home.

Norma & Dylan - 14 Weeks old

This beautiful sister and brother duo came are siblings to Norman & Caleb. Norma is into everything and bold as brass with Dylan and his magnificent whiskers not to far behind. Just really lovely kittens who need a loving and stable home with lots of love and attention and a nice safe area to explore when they're old enough.

Gloria - 14 weeks old

Gloria came into Leeds Cat Rescue care as a stray found scavenging on the streets. She has obviously had people but a search for them came up with nothing so we assume she was simply no longer wanted which is ridiculous as she truly is a wonderful little cat who will bring a huge amount to any home lucky enough to adopt her.

Bluebelle & Barry -RESERVED

Bessie, Dottie, Georgie & Millie - 13 weeks old (pairs)

This beautiful litter were born under a bush when their mum was abandoned and were taken in by a kind soul as an emergency Leeds Cat Rescue fosterer at just a few days old.They can be homed in any combination as pairs and will be a lovely addition to any home. All the kittens are playful and just what you expect kittens to be but they are rather exuberant in their play so best suited to kids over 5 years old.

Dennis - 5 Months old (below)

Dennis is a a fantastic little man who is looking for a loving and secure home with lots of fuss and attention. He would be best suited to a home with older kids but other than that this young man is a joy and a pleasure and is lots of fun as well as very loving.

Dora - 5 months old

Dora came into Leeds Cat Rescue with her mum and sibling who have all long been homed. We cant understand how this striking young lady hasn't yet found her forever home as she just the sweetest and most affectionate young cat with a big personality, simply needs and a huge amount of love to give.

Mycroft - RESERVED

Emily - 11 Weeks old (below)

This wonderful little girl came into Leeds Cat Rescue as an unwanted litter in a terrible state but after vet treatment and lots of TLC she is now a brave, bold, fire cracker with bundles of energy which she is more than happy to burn in anyway possible. She really is a fantastic girl with a huge personality but also a very loving and affectionate nature. Emily will thrive in a busy home with lots going on which will keep her mentally and physically active. She can be homed as an only kitten to the right home or into a home with resident cats.

Meg & Jack - 10 Weeks old (below)

This beautiful brother and sister came into Leeds Cat rescue care as an emergency with their mum Lucy as the the request of West Yorkshire Police. Sadly this little families owner had died and they were found having been alone for several days. Thankfully non he worse for ware these guys are a sweet little pair who are now looking for their own forever home. Suited to most homes although they will need a few days to settle in and find their paws.



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