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 Kittens will not be homed before they are 9 weeks old. All kittens will have started their vaccinations and if the course is not complete, will need to come back to our vets for the 2nd injections. All kittens will be vaccinated and micro chipped and neutering will be arranged via our vets when the kittens are 3-4 months of age.

Page last updated November 17th 2018

Titchy Witch & Coraline - 11 Weeks old (pair)

Lovely pair of sisters who came into Leeds Cat Rescue care as part of our 'low cos neutering scheme'. Mum and other adults in the home have been neutered free of charge and the kittens are taken into the rescue to ensure that they are homed correctly and the breeding cycle is broken.

These girls are sweet natured, friendly and full of fun and play time. They'll suit most homes who can offer them a secure future with lots of love and care.

Harriett - 5 Months old (below)

This rather pretty lady came into Leeds Cat Rescue care when she turned up at an industrial estate in Leeds. She was initially very nervous which is understandable but has since come out of her shell and is proving to be a very affectionate and sweet natured girl that loves knees and strokes and fuss. Ideally suited to an adult only or home with older kids, Harriett will be a lovely addition to any home with a bit of patience and understanding for a kitten that has a traumatic start to life.

Meg & Jack - 14 Weeks old (below)

 This beautiful brother and sister came into Leeds Cat rescue care as an emergency with their mum Lucy as the the request of West Yorkshire Police. Sadly this little families owner had died and they were found having been alone for several days. Thankfully non he worse for ware these guys are a sweet little pair who are now looking for their own forever home. Suited to most homes although they will need a few days to settle in and find their paws.

Martini aka Little Paw - 3 months old (below)

This grubby wee girl is a hand rear so ridiculously affectionate, sociable and basically doesn't realise she's a cat. She will blossom into a beauty we promise but hand reared kittens are notorious at not being the most concerned about self grooming, as well lets be honest, why do it yourself when you have a homing to do it!

Little Paw will suit any loving home where there is lots going on to keep her amused and entertained. A busy family home would be ideal and if there was a resident cat or even dog for company in the absence of people that would be even better.

Eugene & Tink - 3 Months old (below)

This rather beautiful unrelated bonded pair have rather different stories. Eugene was born with us so has never wanted for anything but poor Think came into Leeds Cat rescue care via Rail Track when she an her brother were found wrapped in a towel, soaking wet on the rails of a railway line. Sadly Tinks brother didn't survive despite our best efforts but Think has turned into a big strong and bold little girl and her and Eugene are now looking for the perfect furever home. Pretty low maintenance as a pair they just need, love, attention, good food, lots of attention and a safe and secure home in a quite area with safe outdoor access when they're old enough.

Norma & Dylan - RESERVED

Dottie & Millie - 16 weeks old

Dottie & Millie were born under a bush when their mum was abandoned and were taken in by a kind soul as an emergency Leeds Cat Rescue fosterer at just a few days old.This lovely pair of sisters will be a lovely addition to any home. Both kittens are playful and just what you expect kittens to be but they are rather exuberant in their play so best suited to kids over 5 years old.

Morag & Pippin - 12 Weeks old (below)

Beautiful pair of bonded sisters who came into Leeds Cat Rescue at a week old with mum and their siblings from under a garden shed. Both girls are friendly, playful and full of mischief and will be a lovely addition to any loving home that can give them the stable and loving home they deserve. Life could have been so different for these little cats if they hadn't been reported and picked up !! 

Emily & Herbie- 15 Weeks old (below)

Emily and Herbie are an unrelated bonded pair. Emily came into Leeds Cat Rescue as an unwanted litter in a terrible state but after vet treatment and lots of TLC she is now a brave, bold, fire cracker with bundles of energy which she is more than happy to burn in anyway possible. She really is a fantastic girl with a huge personality but also a very loving and affectionate nature. Herbie was found by a HGV drive in the middle of a busy road in the city centre and was wonderful enough to stop all the traffic while he rounded him up and made him safe before contacting us. Herbie is a real personality, full of trouble and just like Emily will thrive in a busy home with lots going on which will keep them both mentally and physically active. 



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